Partnering with the ideal motor finance provider

SMF partners with many motor finance brokers, dealer groups and independent car dealers to provide an alternative and flexible financing solution to their customers, allowing them to achieve a valued sale.

We specialise exclusively in hire purchase agreements. Our dedication to being a flexible lender means that we offer products that are directly comparable to conventional prime lenders, but adopt a less linear approach, thereby ensuring that our product meets the specific needs of our customers.

Features of our product


Faster payments

Loan advances paid straight away using Faster Payments


Instant Decisions

Our automated underwriting system provides instant credit decisions and is supplemented by a dedicated deal-making team targeted with giving decisions for all exceptions within 30 minutes.



To ensure you are always able to receive a timely decision, our underwriters are available 7 days a week



With our expert team at the helm, we aim to answer all of your calls within 30 seconds

Partnering with SMF is easy and your business can experience the benefits of our innovative services straight away.