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12th December 2022

Tips for driving safely during the festive season

As we transition into the festive season it is important that motorists ensure they are safe on the roads as the nights get darker, traffic increases and the weather can quicky take a turn.

Because of this it is essential to establish safe driving habits throughout the festive period and into the coming winter months, to avoid unexpected accidents and injuries. To help you prepare, here are some top tips for driving safely during the festive season:

Make sure your car is winter ready

Whether you choose to take your car in for a pre-winter service or check it yourself, inspecting the following is essential to prevent breakdowns and avoid any unexpected problems on the road:

  • Making sure your battery is in good working order
  • Tyres have adequate grip
  • Lights and license plates are not appearing dull due to dirt build up from road surfaces
  • Engine coolant is topped up
  • No windscreen damage is apparent

Review weather conditions

As we all know, the weather can be highly temperamental and always subject to change, therefore it is important to review the weather conditions that are likely to occur on your route. Hazardous conditions such as heavy rain, icy surfaces or even bright sunshine require precautions being put in place or even putting off your drive until you feel you are comfortable driving.

Assess your visibility

Research has shown that 40% of accidents occur during dark hours, meaning it is paramount that precautions are taken to ensure a safe journey. These can include: keeping windows clear to reduce glare, regularly having your eyes tested and using the appropriate lights to guarantee visibility of your car for other road users.

Consider your music

Unbeknown to you, your music choice whilst in the car could be impacting your driving. Research has found that music that mimics the human heartbeat is the safest to listen to whilst you’re on the road. Anything faster has been found to be less safe as such music can result in drivers speeding and committing other traffic violations. Therefore you may want to think twice this festive season before setting off with Christmas songs blasting on the radio, some examples of the worst songs to drive to include:

  • Underneath the tree – Kelly Clarkson
  • I wish it could be Christmas everyday – Wizzard
  • Step into Christmas – Elton John

Want more tips on all things motoring? Take a look through our Hints and Tips page for guidance, updates and much more.

On behalf of the entire SMF team, we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!