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22nd July 2021

Technology can now pinpoint litterbug drivers

Councils are looking to clamp down on littering drivers with the introduction of a brand-new camera scheme, Littercam.

Maidstone Council in Kent is the first to pilot the scheme, which will see cameras capturing and scanning video footage of drivers throwing litter from their car window, as well as identifying the car registration plates. This evidence will then be sent to the DVLA who will inform the appropriate council of the driver’s details.


If caught by the camera drivers face a fine of £90 which will rise to £120 if unpaid within 15 days. Drivers will also be able to access the offending footage of the Littercam portal.

Despite an estimated 200,000 bin bags of litter removed from England’s streets and motorways each year, from cigarettes, nappies, coffee cups and fast-food wrappers, through to building materials that have fallen from lorries, it is rare that people are caught and fined.

Not only does this litter have a significant impact on the environment, it can also have dire consequences for local wildlife, with an estimated 3.2 million voles, shrews and mice killed each year from being trapped within discarded bottles and cans.

It is hoped that this pilot scheme in Maidstone Borough Council will discourage drivers from littering in the future, and therefore help the planet as well as wildlife. According to the Council, 200 fines were issued last year for littering, but predict this new scheme and zero-tolerance policy will take this figure into its thousands.

Councils including Wigan and Sheffield, as well as Transport Scotland and Zero Waste Scotland, are also considering this technology in order to keep the UK roads tidy.

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