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3rd September 2020

Our top tips for new drivers

Passing your driving test is an exciting time, and it opens up a world of opportunities.

With driving theory and the rules of the road still fresh on your mind from your driving test you may think that you know all you need to about driving once you get in the car, however gaining confidence in your skills and using them in ‘real world’ situations can be nerve-wracking.

Below we share our top tips for new drivers which will help you to ensure you make the most of the opportunities that driving affords, in the safest possible way.

Our top tips for new drivers

Get comfortable with your vehicle before driving it

Every vehicle will feel slightly different from the last. As you become a more confident driver the process of getting comfortable with a new vehicle will be much quicker. However, as a new driver, you are likely to have only ever driven one car, therefore it is vital that you get comfortable with the controls of your new car (e.g. windscreen wipers, heating, air conditioning, headlights, etc.) before taking it out on the road.

Know how to maintain your car

Maintaining your car is a crucial component to driving safely. You must ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, not to mention driving with a valid MOT certificate and having your car regularly serviced. Checks you should be making include, tyre pressure, tyre tread, your oil level, windscreen wash level and that your brake lights and headlights are working amongst many others.

Don’t drive with distracting passengers

Put simply, if you have friends that you know will create huge distractions whilst you drive, then it may not be wise to allow them in your car. Distracting behaviour can lead to a whole lot of issues, an accident being the main one, and therefore you should ensure that you only drive with people you are confident will not encourage you to lose concentration on the road ahead.

Don’t worry about what other drivers may think

As a new driver, you may feel as though all fellow drivers will judge every little move you make. This could be that you are driving too slowly, waiting too long to pull out of a junction and so on. Worrying what other drivers think could encourage you to make rash decisions, drive faster than you should be or drive closer to another vehicle than is deemed safe, all of which could lead to an accident. Put simply, as long as you are driving in a safe manner, don’t let your worries of what other drivers may think deter you from continuing to drive safely.

We share so many more helpful hints and tips, not to mention the latest motoring news for both new and experienced drivers on our hints and tips page.