The FCA is investigating the use of discretionary commissions arrangements between motor finance providers and brokers. Specialist Motor Finance have never used discretionary commission arrangements, as such none of our customers are impacted. Our agreements state that we pay a commission to our brokers but there is no discretion for the broker to impact the customer rate.

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27th August 2020

Money saving tips for drivers

Driving is a highly useful, yet costly skill to have. But it is a skill that, for many, is a necessity to their day to day lives. Costs such as petrol, car tax, maintenance and MOT are inevitable when you are a driver, but there are ways to keep some of these costs to a minimum by making a few small changes.

Money saving tips for drivers

Choose the right tyres

The cheapest tyres are not always the most economical. Often purchasing the cheapest option will lead you to replacing them more often and paying more for fuel, not to mention the impact upon handling and increased stopping distance. According to research, choosing the right tyres could save you up to £50 in fuel, which could greatly offset the higher price of the ‘more expensive’ option.

Regularly check your tyre pressure

Low tyre pressure will have a huge impact on fuel consumption so it is essential to have regular checks. Just to put things into perspective, having your tyres under-inflated by just 15 psi, you will lose the equivalent of 26 miles from a 60-litre tank of fuel.

Do your research on the cheapest fuel

Fuel prices are changing on a near-constant basis and therefore what may be the cheapest option one week, will not necessarily be the cheapest the next. There are a number of different website and apps out there that can help you in your search for the cheapest fuel price, so make sure you check this before each trip to fill up your tank.

Keep your car as light as possible

Extra weight in your car will ultimately use more fuel than necessary. Many of us are guilty of jam-packing our boots with unnecessary items or keeping a roof rack on the car when it isn’t in use. This can ultimately lead to using 2% more fuel on journeys simply due to carrying this additional weight.

Check for cheaper car insurance deals each year

Allowing your insurance to roll into the next year is of course a simple and easy way to ensure your car continues to be insured. But this isn’t always the cheapest option. Your annual renewal costs may not always be the cheapest (some may even be more than you had paid in the previous year), therefore it is always a great idea to compare prices and guarantee the most cost-effective insurance deal year in, year out.

Find the best car finance deal

Agreeing to the wrong car finance deal for your circumstances is an error that many people make. You must ensure that you are borrowing the right amount, that you can make the repayments and, above all, that you are happy with what you’ve agreed to. The best finance providers will ensure that this is the case each and every time.