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22nd April 2020

Automatic vs manual cars

Are you currently looking for a new car? Wondering whether to opt for an automatic or a manual transmission?

There are of course pros and cons to both options. Here we take a look at the factors to consider when making the choice.

automatic vs manual cars

Factors to consider when choosing between a manual or automatic car

Driving experience

Some people drive because it is a necessity. They drive to work, to the supermarket to visit friends and pick up the children, and do so without really thinking about any how they feel about the act of driving itself.

Others drive for enjoyment. It is generally these drivers who feel strongly about owning and driving a manual vehicle. They prefer the overall driving experience and the control they have and the involvement of using the clutch and changing gear. The control that a driver has in a manual can also be advantageous in wintery or difficult driving conditions.

Automatic cars though do have many practical benefits, and those who prefer an automatic will argue it is easier to drive, the drive is smoother and with two hands on the wheel at all times it is arguably safer too. When driving in built up areas you also avoid an achy left leg from constantly having your foot on the clutch.


An automatic vehicle will be slightly more expensive to buy in the first instance but automatics tend to hold their value slightly better too. Maintenance and repairs can be more expensive so this is something to consider, especially if buying an older automatic or one which isn’t under warranty.

Fuel consumption

It is the case that a manual vehicle is slightly more fuel efficient. This may not be a deal breaker but it’s worth noting that all other things being equal, you’ll get a couple more miles per gallon driving a manual car than you would from driving an automatic.

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